MOVAAR runs the following four programs throughout the year: 

  • Skills Formation Program (S.F.P.) 
  • Specialization Pathways Program 
  • Project Incubator Program
  • Training and Development Programs



The Skills Formation Program (S.F.P.) is a 12-week (52 hour) skills program designed to increase the academic prospects and employability of youth. It flips the conventional learning model in which one instructor works with many students, and introduces a system whereby, one student works with multiple instructors on the same subject area. Participants are challenged to prepare solution proposals for issuings affecting their local communities using the skills gained from the program

The Specialization Pathways Program accepts students from the S.F.P. and provides them with education counseling, and reasources to succeed at the vocational/professional training or higher education level. 

The Project Incubator Program accepts student projects from the S.F.P. which are at this stage provided with further developmental support that will propel them to become income generating activities.

The Training and Development Programs offer career development and social entrepreneurship training for young entrepreneurs and job seekers. It also houses our Coaching and Facilitation Training for prospective S.F.P. Coaches. 

MOVAAR has partnered with German startup Voluno, 

to provide the web solutions for the 2016 Skills Formation Programs


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Pilot Program

In 2015, MOVAAR launched a pilot of its Skills Formation Program in The Gambia. Students from a local public senior secondary school were recruited for the twelve-week program, through which MOVAAR provided over 

  • 52 hours of coaching 
  • 12 hours of workshops, and
  • 6 hours of Coaching and Facilitation Training